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Smart Table (sendmail)


The document describes how to make sendmail select smart host [e-mail relay host] based on envelope sender address (full address or domain part only).

Copyright (c) 1999,2002 Andrzej Filip


In smarttable file you can put entries like the ones given below:   uucp:nodex   esmtp:[]:my.isp
# relay for <> sender [version 8.2+ of smarttable]
@       will be used to relay messages send from Messages from remaining addresses in will be relayed via You can also specify mailer used as shown in the remaning lines.

The lastest smarttable version is 8.5 released 2002-07-28. I detected problems in versions 8.1-8.4


  1. Create /etc/mail/smarttable file and compile it using makemap.

  2. Copy provided smarttable.m4 file into cf/feature directory (smarttable.m4 signature).
    Use "Save as" command in your browser. In some cases "copy and paste" looses required info (e.g. tabs - \t)

  3. In *.mc file you use to generate add:


    and generate new or


You can use commands given below for testing the feature:

sendmail -C -bt <<END


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